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You can think of string lights strictly as a holiday decoration, but these beautiful accent lights are more versatile than that. You can use the string lights to dress your home for any reason, be it a holiday, a party, or mood lighting every day.
There are so many string lights available in the market, in fact, that choosing the right lights can feel challenging. You have a lot of decisions to make, from the size of the bulb to color the chapter length.
If you are ready to buy some string lights, we have five great options for you in the table above. If you want to get more information about your options before deciding on a purchase, reading for more information.
Thomas Edison is credited with creating the first lights of the sequence in order to show his new incandescent bulb during the Christmas season 1880.
string lights: year versatility
As mentioned earlier, string lights are ideal for Christmas decoration. You will see them in the Christmas trees and the windows, doors and exterior landscapes of houses and businesses during the holiday season.
You can also use string lights for the following purposes.
Landscape lighting: string lights can serve as easy lighting, low-cost landscape for your yard. Wrap threads around the trees you want to highlight, or use them to outline garden doors.
Outdoor party lighting: For barbecues, picnics and other patio parts, string lights create a festive atmosphere. Place on the other side of the roof of the roof or between the trees in your yard.
Interior lighting: working pipe lights as well as subtle mood lighting inside your home. Bundle up into glass jars or lanterns, or scatter them throughout the room as a source of soft lighting.
Accentuating interior features: You can use string lights to highlight the interior features of your home, such as windows, columns, accent walls, and even furniture.
  • Incandescent LED string lights vs.
  • string of incandescent lights
String lights with incandescent bulbs are the most traditional and low budget option. They have a soft and warm glow, but use a lot of energy. The incandescent string bulbs get hot, too, so they are not the safest option for indoor use.
LED string lights

string of lights with LED bulbs consume less energy, last longer, and show brighter colors. They remain cool to the touch during operation, too, so they work well for indoor use. However, I usually pay more in advance for the LED string lights.
Did you know
LED string lights can last up to 100,000 hours, while incandescent string lights usually last only about 3,000 hours.
classic string of string lights
Two of the most popular sequence light settings are the classic light chain and rope light.
Classic string lights
These have individual bulbs that hang from a central strand. The strands can be connected to each other to create longer lengths for larger decoration projects.
String string lights
These characteristic LED bulbs are contained within a transparent or colored rubber tube. They are ideal for delineating the characteristic doors and paths and creating designs and shapes.
Outdoor use cover

Most string lights are approved for outdoor use. If you are going to use your outdoor lights, however, the smartest thing to verify is safe.
Outdoor-Qualifying lights can cope with the elements and safely maintain their electrical connection, even in the rain and snow.
Lights that are approved for outdoor use can also be used inside the house. However, string lights that are only for internal use-Qualification should not be used outdoors.
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